Most Popular Porn Searches People Look For Online

The porn industry must be really proud of itself. In 2017, it broke almost every record that pertained to growth and earnings. One of the top adult sites in the world managed to get almost 30 billion visits in one year alone. That’s a staggering figure when you think about how society once felt about pornography in general. Yet today, one out of four people on the internet visits an adult site for its content.

One site in particular named Pornhub, managed to get over 81 million daily visitors. If that wasn’t impressive enough, over 4 million porn videos were uploaded to the web-page. To keep the amount of adult content uploaded in perspective, consider the following. A single person could spend 68 straight years watching those porn videos. All of it without ever to taking a break. On average, people spend almost 10 minutes and 33 seconds looking at porn each time they visit.

Stats kept on the type of porno they watched tell a story. They show what the most popular porn searches are. The categories help explain what people are looking for online when it comes to their smut. Overall, men and women had varying taste when it came to porn. The number one search term for men was MILF while lesbian was the favorite for females. Below are the most search for terms for 2017 for both sexes combined.

Lesbian – Number one with women – even heterosexual females – the lesbian porn category was also number one in general. People seem very interested in hardcore porn films showing two or more women sucking, licking and fucking each other. Terms such as lesbian scissoring, tribbing and squirt are some of the favorites. Individuals get a thing for watching hot girls kissing and engaging in lesbian sex. Additionally, the search term ‘lesbian seduces straight girl’ also managed to be very popular.

Hentai – This is one porn category most people are surprised to see in the top ten. Yet over the past few years, hentai porn has climbed up significantly. Those who enjoy looking at hentai porn videos have several reasons why they do so. They point to how fantastical the sexual scenes are. Plus, the genre’s ability to show impossible, illegal, violent and wild sex acts, makes it a favorite for many.

MILF – No one ever expected that the acronym MILF would become so well-known. Yet that is exactly what has taken place in the porn world. Moreover, pornography has managed to push MILF to mainstream society. You can find all kinds of regular TV and Hollywood movies which portray sensuous and hot MILFs. Everyone it seems, wants to fuck hot mom. Or at least they dream about doing so.

Step Mom – Most agree that the step-mom category grew in popularity based on the MILF genre. MILF helped spawn a large following of people looking for amateur and professional hardcore porn movies of hot moms. The step mom porn movies, show sexy and tempting mothers fucked by their horny step kids. In other cases, they have sex with babysitters, friends and others in the family. Overall, any homemade or amateur porn videos of step-moms rank very high.

Step Sister – Having sex with a sibling or fantasizing about it seemed liked a crazy thing before. But, that is no longer the case since this genre has managed to make it to the top. It proves a large number of people want to fuck their horny and beautiful step-sister. If not, they at least want to see hardcore porn content based on it.

Mom – 2017 top porn searches prove that sex in the family is what it’s all about. Fucking a hot mom was one of the most trending searches last year. Just like a MILF, a mom is a mature woman individuals want to have sex with. Truth is everyone in the world knows of a sexy mom. She could be your best friend’s mother, your girlfriend’s or even the sexy mom next door neighbor.

Teen – The teen category has managed to be in the top ten for years. No one can resist hardcore porn movies showing titillating teen girls having sex. Whether it’s a horny babysitter being fucked or a teen in college. When it comes to teen porn videos, the possibilities are endless. Some of the related searches include ebony, tiny, big tit and homemade teen. The ‘monster cock and tiny teen’ porn videos are also extremely popular.

Japanese – Japanese women have some of the most beautiful faces in the world. Plus, their tits and bodies are also quite tempting. That may be why the Japanese category has risen to the top ten. It beat out Asian and other ethnicities.

Massage – Who would have ever thought that the word massage would actually manage to become so popular in porn? Yet it’s one that has millions of people looking at it daily. The combination of added keywords can provide endless great massage porn videos. You can include lesbian, ebony and Japanese massage, just to name a few.

Other entries in the top most searched for porn categories include ebony, black porn, anal, cartoon, Asian and Overwatch.