6 Hacks To Make Long Distance Sex Hotter

Many people believe that the probability of a long distance relationship to work is very low. There are so many factors why it may not work all the time. Things could get complicated, sad and lonely at some time. The number one factor why it may not work is the lack of physical attachment.

Admit it, we all need to be physical to express our love, that is why we do sex. Obviously, couples who are into long distance relationship are lacking of this. There is an absence of feeling. Since they lack of sex, the bond between them is weak causing compulsive breakups and lots of arguments. It is a crazy idea to dive in a long distance relationship if you are a kind of person who needs to be attached physically to the person you like.

Long distance relationship may be tough, especially in times you are feeling sexy and hot.  Anyone who is on this kind of relationship deserves a statue because of the extra effort they are putting just to make their relationship work.

To help you on how you can still enjoy sex even if you two are miles away from each other, here are six sex hacks you can use:

  1. Explore with sex toys.

There is no other way of having pleasure when you’re away from each other than using and exploring sex toys. You can literally have dick and vagina at home using sex toys. This is the most convenient way on how you can satisfy your cravings. Use these bad ass toys when you’re having an on cam sex session.

  1. Create your own dick and vagina.

When you can’t have sex toys, you can create one. There are many do-it-yours tutorials on the internet on how you can make your own replica of penis and vagina. Again, you can use these toys when you are feeling sexy and wants to have sexy time on cam.

  1. Send sex/sext messages.

You can maintain the fire in your relationship by sending explicit words and materials to your partner. Sending sexts in the most unexpected time will keep things hotter. Your biggest sex organ, the brain, will surely indulge in this discreet momentum. Master the art of clever sexting.

  1. Phone sexing.

Before cam sex, there is a phone sex. Let your partner hear your sexiest voice, groan and scream. This is all about suspense and total-body experience. When you are heavy breathing, talking and moaning, these sounds are directly going through your partner’s brain causing immediate arousal. To be able to perfect this, you must know the fetishes of your partner. Be an active listener and responder so your phone sexing will be successful.

  1. Kissing stimulator

Desperate times call for desperate measures – the exact reason why you need a kissing stimulator. The Kissenger, a.k.a “the world’s first mobile kiss messenger”, an iOS phone plugin that claims to mimic a real kiss using pressure sensors and actuators, is what you will need. Only close mouth kisses are allowed for now. Kind of weird but if you’re desperate, why not.

  1. Wireless vibrators

Send your partner a sex package and include a wireless vibrator in it. With our technology today, nothing is impossible. Wireless vibrators are mature technology which let you remotely control sex. One example is the BlueMotion’s OhMiBod, a bluetooth wearable or wand-shaped vibes that can be controlled via iPhone or Android across the room or from across the ocean. Download the free app and start tapping and turning the virtual dials according to what you think your partner will love.

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