6 Ways To Pleasure A Woman By Just Using Your Hands

Guys, do you believe that your penis is the only thing that can give immeasurable pleasure to a woman? If you answered yes to this question, then you definitely need to read this article.

Did you know that your hands can be equally as good at giving pleasure to a woman if not better? That is if used correctly. The wonderful thing about your hand is that it can bend, increase and decrease in size by adding or eliminating fingers and it’s much easier to control than a straight stick.

With these tips, you will learn how to use those fingers and hands of yours so that any woman when you touch will be extremely happy.

Make Sure Your Hands Are Tidy

First things first, before you even get close to touching a woman, you want to be sure that those hands of yours are well-prepared. That means, no horse nails or dirt under your fingers. So, a good scrubbing is essential. You don’t want anyone walking away with possible cuts or a fungal infection; not good PR for you and definitely not good for the girl you’re touching.

Touch Her Slowly And Softly

A woman’s vagina is like a delicate little flower. A flower that needs special attention and sensitivity in order to open up and bloom. Women are different than men. In that, women can’t just dive into a sexual act unless they were properly stimulated and aroused.

Make Sure She’s Ready

Make sure she’s ready for your fingers. That means your hands don’t even come close to her vagina until you’ve carefully prepped and teased her entire body. So make sure to tease the V until she can’t take it anymore. Go back to the flower scenario, picture yourself holding a flower in your hand. The petals are spread out with numerous places to focus on. Start with the outside of the petals for slightly touching and caressing them until they start to open up a little bit. Then, slowly move inward touching a little more heavily with the bend of the fingers. Be sure not to dab with the tip of your fingers. Use the bend space of your fingers to apply a slight pressure than rubbing. One you feel her starting to get wet means it’s time to go to the next tip.


Picture a garden rake – that hinge with prongs on the end that levels the soil. Once you’ve prepped a woman and she’s wet and ready for you, it’s time to start raking. Use your fingers like a rake and raking the liquid in an upward motion from bottom to top. Use those bends in your fingers, not the point of your finger. Do this slowly with a little bit of pressure. After 5-10 strokes, slowly enter one finger inside of her and make sure the finger is wet. Begin with one finger first and add one, two or more. Go straight in and pull straight out, then slowly twist this finger before inserting them back.

Don’t Treat Your Fingers Like A Dildo or Penis

Some men make mistakes when they treat their fingers like a dildo or a penis; in and out, and it’s not enjoyable for women because there are so many sensitive nerve endings inside a woman that are not stimulated by friction. She gets an orgasm through a rhythmic motion.

Check If She’s Enjoying

Look at the girl while your hands are inside her and see whether or not she enjoys it. If she’s lying stiff and not making any noise, it’s a big sign that this move isn’t cutting it for her. But if her body is moving and she’s making those good noises, it means something you’re doing is feeling good and she wants you to continue. You can play with her clitoris, go in slow circular motions with moderate pressure and slowly increase the speed as gets more and more excited.

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