Sexual Escalation With Woman – How To Do It Right

Do you know how to talk dirty to her without being slapped? Or how to escalate sexually without fear of feeling that you’re pressuring, being too aggressive or making women do something that she doesn’t want to do?

Escalating is something that a lot of guys struggle with. It’s something very important and at the same time, very difficult because other guys are worried about what the girls are going to do if they don’t like what they’re doing. It’s a process of going to the next level of intimacy between the two of you that can be done through texting, calling or when you’re in a conversation with someone.

Learn how to do it right by following these sexual escalation tips;

Aim To Escalate

Aiming to escalate is really important because it protects you from getting comfortable in your comfort zone. What you need to do the moment you notice that things are turning out really well, let it feel good for a while, and start getting out of your comfort zone and build more of a connection. If you don’t aim to escalate, then things will stagnate and she will assume that you are not confident enough to go to the next level.

Make Her Feel Comfortable

Don’t make her feel like you’re pressuring her into anything. Make her feel that she’s safe and secure, which is the most important thing for any woman to progress sexually. Every woman craves and desires to unleash the sexual beast within her. In fact, all of them have a strong craving to be extremely sexual. However, women want it to be in a safe place where they feel comfortable and feel that their actions will not be used against them.

Go In Baby Steps

Don’t take a woman’s fear of intimacy or a fear of sexuality as a rejection against you. It’s a fear against themselves and a boundary they have that locked up but they’re uncomfortable with because again, they feel it’s going to be used against them. The more that you can help a woman become comfortable with herself and show that you understand her insecurities, the more inclined she is to be sexual with you. So when it comes to talking dirty, initiate a comfortably slightly sexual conversation for the two of you that are enticing, exciting and fantasy-like for her. Those things are very appealing to women. If you can help unlock that sensual side of a woman that she’s keeping suppressed and provide her with a safe, comfortable environment for her to unleash those sexual qualities, then you will get women to do anything that you want.

Read Her Responses


If you have a girl there who’s looking at you stone cold when you’re bantering with her, then it’s no point getting into sexual banter because you haven’t really built a connection yet. When it comes to reading her responses, follow your instinct on that. If her body language or voice tone clearly indicates that she doesn’t trust you yet, then there’s no point of escalating further.

Understand that for women, being overly sensual and sexual is a very insecure place. The more you can help her by putting her at ease, the more you will get out of her.

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